Wednesday, August 19, 2009

our valleys future decided in switzerland

We lost...

"The environment court found in favour of Holcim in a decision released on Monday, rejecting an appeal by the Waiareka Valley Preservation Society.

Holcim will decide whether to build the $400 million plant.

Holcim will evaluate the project now the court decision has been released and a final decision on whether the plant will be built is expected later next year, from its parent company in Switzerland. "

So the future of this development in our country, in our valley will be decided in switzerland... how sad - how pathetic

And also important to note that "The court, during the hearing, was faced with a clear divergence in opinions between Te Runanga o Moeraki, representing Ngai Tahu, and sub-tribe Waitaha, which appeared as interested parties, on the effects on Maori values.

That had its genesis in the complex historical relationship between Ngai Tahu and Waitaha, but the court said it was not possible for it to attempt to unravel these "complicated traditions". "

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