Saturday, August 8, 2009

leave the haka alone please

Well, what can I say. This is just so bad, I'll let it speak for itself, but i will say one thing. Shame on all concerned.

"English Premier League club Everton commissioned a team of Maori dancers to perform the "Everton haka" at the official launch of its new away uniform in Liverpool this week."

I might just say a little more. Why is it bad? IMO using maori culture to sell anything not connected with maori culture is an area where permission should be sought. It's not up for anyone to just come and use whatever they want without considering that maori culture is still here, and still alive.


Anonymous said...

FFS get over it Maori dancers doing a haka in the UK to entertain the crowd ..........what's wrong with that.

Marty Mars said...

Well anon i agree with the view that Everton's, "bastardised" haka trespasses on Maori rights and disrespects their heritage.