Saturday, August 22, 2009

no aussie should kick a maori out

A headline I hope we never see here again. "Maoris evicted from aussie owned land."

"A group of Maori squatters in New Zealand have lost their appeal against an eviction order from a property owned by an Australian investor.

In the High Court at Whangarei on Friday, Justice Ailsa Duffy dismissed the appeal of the group, saying she did not doubt their sincerity in claiming traditional rights over the land."

It's not and will never be aussie owned land. They are not and never will be squatters

But with the cabinet sitting together over is oz at the moment - are you really sure that they aren't thinking of ways to make more money and if the country has to be sacrificed - well that is just tough. Do you really think they wouldn't do a deal with aussie and china to house another 10-20 million over here because of all of our land not being adequately used? Think of the jobs, the economic activity - everyone could afford to have 2 dishwashers and all we need to do is let 10-20 million chinese in - hell won't even notice them... and think of how many jobs for kiwis etc etc etc

The only way to save this country is for maori to accept their mana and their rights and work with others to govern. Without maori there is no country.

And as for these protestors - yes we have the law, yes there is right and wrong but sorry - the aussie who bought the property at a firesale was misled. We are sick of our assets being taken and given/sold to others. And they didn't pay the mortgage - so what, where does all the money go? to aussie banks like this one. 1 billion dollars profit - and that is just ONE QUARTER (3 Months) line up suckers...

So again i side with the protestors and i don't care what the laws says.

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