Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Website good, art good

Great to see the Ngai Tahu Toi section of the whanui area of the TRONT website, has new information in there.

The Wanaka Festival of Colour sounds interesting
"Pouwhenua - Markers on the Land
Duration: 28 April - 3 MayPrice: FreeSponsored By: Ngai Tahu and Creative New Zealand.
Simon Kaan, Areta Wilkinson, Martin Hill and Michel Tuffery"

Just a couple of small points for me; I couldn't tell (no info on TRONT website) if these artists are Ngai Tahu whanui or not, so not sure if this is up because of the sponsorship of Ngai Tahu (my guess), or if there is also other connections, but either way good to see some more information. My other point is this info is layered into the TRONT website and unless you are specifically looking for something or surfing, I'm not sure if you could find it.

Still all good and keep the good stuff coming. Worthwhile checking out the artists individual websites too.

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