Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hard to imagine you sleep well at night

Sometimes what people say really makes me wonder.

"A HIV-positive taxi driver twice found guilty of raping a teenaged female passenger was jailed for nine years today."

9 years - okay, it's at the lower end, the Crown wanted 12 years. The guilty driver aged 56. The victim aged 18 - the HIV status must surely be taken into account.

"Mussa's lawyer, Donald Stevens QC, asked for a starting point of eight years."

"He said Mussa already had a shorter life-span than other people, so the jail sentence represented more of his life than those not infected."

Yes that's right, this lawyer argues that because he was HIV positive, and therefore has a shorter lifespan, when he raped the teenage girl - he should get a shorter sentence. What a sick joke Donald Stevens QC you should be bloody ashamed.

Here's what the judge said about the effect of this rape

"Passing sentence in Wellington District Court today, Judge Bruce Davidson commented on the long-term effects of the rape, saying the victim still suffered depression, low self-esteem and was uncomfortable in the presence of men."

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