Monday, April 6, 2009

Eco-villages popping up

Motueka River

Atamai Eco-village first stage resource consent approved for the Motueka Valley. Good one, what are they going to have in this eco-village? First stage 10 houses, european-style village with solar panels, rainwater collection and composting toilets. 11.9ha to be used for common food growing.

For me that is all great. It is possible to get resource consent for eco-villages. It is possible to use a unique heritage to create an environment that means something to a group of people. Most of the Eco-villages here use european models, it will be great to see some maori and polynesian examples.

Ngai Tahu could do the same and have the massive added advantage of being able to apply our cultural matrx across everything. It's like going forward to the past.


Jurgen said...

Hi Marty

Glad to see this post! We would love to talk to Ngai Tahu about joining forces to create more villages.

Here is what it says about the buildings in the 'official' Atamai design brief:

1. Blend into the area (vegetation, landform ..)
2. Be of a timeless design (use proven/ancient design elements in modern layouts)
3. Incorporate any possible pacific influences
4. Use common pattern languages to unify the village theme
5. Be functionally integrated into the other buildings in the vicinity

Hope you note point 3 and the absence of 'European'. When I try to explain the Atamai concept to people I often mention European and Asian/Third World villages and the only thing that gets heard is 'European'. Not that I like the term 'Third World' either, but in Africa India, China and the middle East villages have been the most resilient form of human settlement when the Europeans were still merrily hunting and gathering in small bands. (Not that there is anything wrong with that either..:).

So, let's see how we can make these pacific influences real!

Kind regards

Jurgen, Trustee, Atamai Village Council

bsprout said...

I would love to see these Eco-villages becoming more popular than exclusive gated communities.