Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lets get rid of the no-names

This is a big one for me.

"The New Zealand Geographic Board is looking for alternative Maori names for the North and South Islands and also wants to make their English names official."

I cannot see what the problem is with Te Wai Pounamu and Te Ika a Maui. Lets ditch the stupid north and south island rubbish. Let's get rid of those nothing names. Let's not get distracted by the people who will try to distract us or put alternatives up.

"The board was looking for alternative names, which would mean that either the English names or the Maori names could be used, or they could be used together. That was different to dual naming, where both names were used together in official documents such as maps, he said."

If the north and south no-names are retained then that will be further evidence about how non-maori see maori in this country. Check out the comments here if you are unsure about this.

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