Monday, April 20, 2009

Get rid of the leechs

I've been pretty tough on Tony Veitch of recent times. Hopefully he is getting help in the way I'm going to describe.

Tony it's all over. you have been under the mistaken impression that you would be able to pick up your former life as a so called celebrity, that you would get back into broadcasting that it could all be saved. It can't - it never could. You hired media advisers and big lawyers, you tried to find dirt, you blamed - you have been in denial. And all of the advisers and mates you have, have perpetuated your illusions, all of the people who have said that you will be back, are in fact your enemies not your friends - they have not helped you one bit, they are like the friend John Kirwin talks about in his ad, that said to him, "Man up mate - get over it.". They are leeches and they don't care about you. There is no Team Veitch there is only Tony.

Stop it all Tony. No comments, no interviews, no justifications, no threats, no photos, no nothing - just drop it all. Get below the radar. It will be difficult because like many men in this country you have been led to believe that your job is you, that the artifical persona created is you - but it isn't you Tony. Now that everything has been stripped away you are left with the real you. get out of Auckland away from the bullshit. sack every adviser you have and save your money. Don't see your celebrity mates anymore - they are no use to you. Get your real friends and your family around so that you can face the grief cycle that you are in and so that you can move through it. You are stuck on denial and disbelief.

Tony many men go through the 'dark night of the soul', perhaps even every man. We either make it or we don't. You need to seek proper counselling to work out your addictions and face the truth about who you are - not veitchy, just good, bad and ugly Tony Veitch. You are just like the rest of us and that is why I know that you can build a new life and find the real you and be happy.

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Rich Wyles said...

This needs to be on the Peoples Times mate. Mars 2 Earth needs to find his calling as a Peoples Times citizen journo. It was written in the stars.