Thursday, April 2, 2009

First death in G20 protests

A G20 protestor has died.

It can be hard for us down here in Aotearoa to work out why people are getting so worked up around the world about this economic crisis and the continued fallout for ordinary people. Why do they protest? What are they so worked up about?

We are insulated down here and we have a veneer of white, middle class western structures, via colonisation, to help us in our illusion that, "It's not our problem." That, "We are Kiwis" and "We will be all right and not be affected by the world downturn."

Who are the protestors in London?

"I am angry at the hubris of the government, the hubris of the bankers," said Jean Noble, a 60-year-old from Blackburn in northern England."

"I am here on behalf of the poor, those who are not going to now get their pension or who have lost their houses while these fat cats keep their bonuses, hide their money in tax havens and go and live where nobody can touch them."

Whose side do you really want to be on?

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