Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pandemic swine flu lies

Oh dear
"Pharmacists have warned they will be on alert for "fakers" when anti-viral drug Tamiflu goes on sale over-the-counter tomorrow.
Pharmacy Guild chief executive Annabel Young said she expected pharmacists to be inundated with requests about Tamiflu given the growing concerns about swine flu.
"This is understandable, but there are clear restrictions under which Tamiflu can be sold for the safety of the patient the pharmacist must abide by these conditions."
Tamiflu is available on prescription, but from tomorrow can be legally sold by pharmacists to patients aged over 12 who present with influenza symptoms. A five-day course will cost about $65."

Oh dear
"A secret centre for assessing, testing and isolating potential swine flu victims is operating in Christchurch to prevent the virus spreading."

Oh dear
"Egypt, hit hard by bird flu, has ordered the slaughter of every pig herd in the country as a precaution against swine flu, a step the United Nations said was a mistake."

Oh dear
"Global companies began restricting employee travel in response to a potential flu pandemic that has claimed at least 149 lives in Mexico."

Oh dear
"Kiwis are trying to cash in on the swine flu outbreak as internet auctions become awash with goods designed to beat the virus."

Oh dear
"Swine flu has not yet hit Lebanon but it is threatening a national custom.
Lebanese should stop greeting each other with kisses to the cheek, Health Minister Mohammad Khalifeh told a news conference called to explain measures to tackle the potential spread of the deadly strain.
"If you visit someone, don't exchange kisses... Let's stop the social kissing habit," Khalifeh said."

Oh dear
"New Zealand's Catholic bishops have issued hygiene recommendations for church services in preparation for a swine flu pandemic.
The bishops are stopping parishioners receiving communion wafers on the tongue, communion wine from the chalice and from shaking hands at the sign of peace at masses in New Zealand."

Oh dear
"Community based centres to deal with swine flu patients could be set up around the country, it was announced this morning... Medical authorities are treating those that test positive for Influenza A as having swine flu."


Every year between 250,000 and 500,000 people die from flu around the world.
WHO have confirmed less than 20 deaths in this 'outbreak'.

If you want to know the truth about these pandemic scares - follow the money! Who is making money? What about the TV and media shows, Tamiflu makers are getting rid of their stockpiles, anyone else?

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