Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kiwibank - use Kiwis or change your name

There's something about the Kiwibank anti aussie ads (join the resistance) that hasn't worked for me. You don't need to bring others down to boost yourself up. The unique offering of Kiwibank is well known, they don't need to thrash it, it's overkill and it a bit like, "Methinks he doth protest too much".

The other angle I dislike is the use of D-Day and WW2 resistance imagery. Why go that way and make fun of the people that died in horrible circumstances, and the many more adversely affected, around that world event? Why go there?

I generally like Kiwibank and I believe in going as local as you can for everything.
The news that Kiwibank is using an aussie call centre just increases my unease.

Tidy up your act Kiwibank, walk the walk don't just talk the talk.


HappyzineCharlotte said...

I agree, especially with your comment about Kiwi Bank using an Aussie call centre. What's with that?! I switched to Kiwi Bank for the obvious reason that I thought I was supporting Kiwis and a Kiwi bank. They have been great to bank with, I just feel as if they're not quite living up to my original idea.

Gosman said...

Wow, a commerically run business making decisions based on commercial reasons. I have news for you, Kiwibanks Core IT system is also Australian in origin. Shock horror!

BTW with all this about how disgusted you are at the use of WWII imagery in Kiwibank ads does ths mean you were absolutely appalled at the series Hogan's heroes?

Marty Mars said...

Kiwibank can and does market itself to generate profits - I don't have any problem with that. My problem is their choice of imagery. I think they should concentrate on where their strengths are instead of attacking others and using the WW2 lines. As for Hogans Heroes, well i spose I'm mixed. it was fun, the characterisations of germans were pretty harsh, but it was a product of the times just as "It ain't halve hot mum", was. I think you can see the program in it's context and still not believe it should be the way we look at things.