Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hidden gems in Te Karaka

An area of Te Karaka magazine that I really enjoy is the book reviews. It's great to read the views of the reviewers and awesome to see the range of books that they cover.

This month the following titles were reviewed:
Ratana The Prophet and Ratana Revisited
An Unfinished Legacy, 100 Years Of Maori Rugby League 1908 - 2008
The Matriarch
The Beating Heart: A Political And Socio-Economic History of Te Arawa
He Pataka Kupu.

That is an impressive selection! I read widely and alot and I like hearing other viewpoints.

So well done to the Te Karaka team and all of the reviewers: Donald Couch, Arapata Reuben, Karen Meihana, Dave Brennan, Eruera Tarena and Lisa Reedy-Jennings for the CD review of Nesian Mystik.

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