Sunday, April 19, 2009

Keep speaking your language

I'm with Tariana on this one
"Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia says a Wellington bus company that is asking its workers to speak only English needs a reality check.
Mana Coach Services' company handbook asks its drivers to use only English, even in the staffroom.
Chief executive officer Geoff Norman wrote to the Tramways Union saying "the use of a language in front of others who do not understand what is being said, we consider to be the height of bad manners"."

I enjoy the wide variety of different cultures that have landed in our land. I love the different languages and the different looks and the different shades of human.
We are all different and our individuality is a gift.

Speaking a language in front of others that they don't understand is not the height of bad manners at all - it's actually just speaking to someone in another language. No connotations, no inferences just talking.

As Tariana states, "The company needs to realise that language is the cornerstone of any culture and not giving their staff the right to express themselves to another staff member in a language they both understand is depriving them of their identity."

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