Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ngai Tahu Virtual Art gallery already set up!

A virtual Art gallery, showcasing Ngai Tahu artists and their works seems do-able to me. We could go the whole hog like the Louvre, but I think we already have the basics set up.

Within the TRONT website three Ngai Tahu artists are profiled and some of their work shown. Yes that's right, we already have the beginnings of a virtual gallery, my only issue is that it is hard to find and i cannot work out who the audience is. Is the audience Ngai Tahu whanui which would appear to be the case because of the positioning, within the TRONT website of the information. Or is the audience the rest of the world - and if that's the case maybe the virtual art gallery should be on the front opening page of the website.

Whoever the audience is - well done to the team that have got this information onto the website. Let's get more artists on, like the wonderful artists showcased within Te Karaka. Imagine having sections on Modern Art, Traditional art, sculpture, carving, Ta Moko, youth and so on... the list is endless.

Congratulations to the artists profiled too: Ross Hemera, Lonnie Hutchinson, and Jenny Rendall.

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