Saturday, April 18, 2009

My foot is hurt by your back being in the way when I kicked you.

How NOT to accept responsibility for something you have done wrong.

Blame the victim - "The judge said I made one mistake, one. She would not leave my house, it was my house."

Blame the media - "threatened legal action against some media."

These are the people who have endorsed this sad loser

All Blacks coach Graham Henry:
Veitch was fair, objective and had a good "feel" for people and their situations. He never got involved in "bagging" individuals after the All Blacks' 2007 Rugby World Cup defeat in Cardiff. "Because of his qualities as a journalist and his willingness to help others, Tony has many supporters in the community and they all hope that he gets an opportunity as soon as possible to be able to get on with his life."

Hey Henry he kicked her and broke her back

Former Holmes show presenter Susan Wood:
"If something went wrong he would not blame other people, but would admit responsibility. I have kept in contact with Tony over the past few months. I have never seen anybody more devastated or more contrite. It has been painful to watch. I have absolutely no doubt that he will face up to his responsibilities. He is an honest, decent man. I sincerely hope he is given the chance to rebuild his life."

Hey Wood he kicked her on the ground cos she was in the way

Triathlete Hamish Carter:
"I know the sort of person that Tony is, and I believe that he deserves the right to get on with his life. What I know him for, above all else, is his enthusiasm, determination and trustworthy character."

Hey Carter is the woman whose back was broken able to get on with her life?

Dame Susan Devoy:
"As a passionate New Zealander I was totally dismayed and appalled at the manner with which Tony was treated ... Tony deserves a chance to get his life back and to be able to have the opportunity to work again. Are we not a society who believes in forgiveness, a society that allows people to put the past behind them and move forward? A society that realises we all make mistakes but shouldn't have to spend our whole lives paying for them."

Hey Devoy What do you think about the way poor Tony treated his victim?

One News presenter Bernadine Oliver-Kirby:
"Tony seemed to have one speed only and that was top gear ... keen to please everyone and not let anyone down. That's his nature. I would regard Tony as one of the most caring and honest individuals I've known. He's incredibly kind and constantly puts others ahead of himself on a personal and professional front."

Hey Oliver-Kirby he gave a really 'caring' kick didn't he or did she deserve it?

Olympic and Commonwealth Games Chef de Mission Dave Currie:
"While I appreciate the seriousness of the charges he is facing and make no comment on them, my personal dealings with Tony have always been conducted with honesty and respect."

Hey Currie luckily your not his exgirlfriend lying on the floor in front of him.

As you can tell I have zero respect for all of the fools listed above. Sometimes there is wrong and right. The wrong cannot be justified and it can't be countered with statements about what a good guy the person who did the wrong is.

People can be forgiven and they can rebuild their lives but FIRST they have to accept the truth and stop being self delusional. All of these so called friends of Veitch have let him and us down. All of the crap above doesn't help poor Tony - it will just make his fronting up to what he did longer and harder.

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