Thursday, April 23, 2009

inspirational and indigenous

A good example of indigenous people making a difference.

"When Hugo Jabini saw his people's territory in Suriname being devastated by logging in the mid-1990s, he and a tribal leader of the forest-dwelling Saramaka decided to devote their days to halting the buzz of chain saws."

"Their activism toward halting the clearcutting of vast stands of tropical trees was rewarded Monday with the Goldman Environmental Prize, given annually by the San Francisco-based Goldman Environmental Foundation to six winners, one on each inhabited continent."

"The Goldman Foundation said Eduards and Jabini helped changed the law so that prior and informed consent of indigenous groups will be required for major development projects throughout the Americas.
"They saved not only their communities' 9,000 square kilometres of forest, but strengthened the possibility of saving countless more," the San Francisco-based group said in a statement."

So they not only halted the clear-felling in their forest but also helped change the law and empowered all indigenous people in the Americas.

"Suriname's government, which had previously granted concessions to Chinese logging companies without notifying the indigenous tribes, announced in January 2008 that it would abide by the judgment of the Costa Rica-based court."

Congratulations on the award, you inspire us all.

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