Thursday, April 30, 2009

iPod racist game by apple

Makes you wonder

"A top-selling iPhone game depicting the torture and murder of "primitive islanders" has outraged New Zealand's Pacific Islands community.
Many are calling for a wave of protest against the game, Pocket God, in which people play god over islanders in grass skirts, tossing them around, setting them on fire and feeding them to sharks.
The game is described as making the player an "all-powerful god that rules over the primitive islanders".
Its creators argue the game is not meant to depict any nationality.
However, protesters say the fact the characters are wearing grass skirts on an island featuring an Easter Island statue shows they are Pacific Islanders."

"Last week, Apple was forced to pull a game, Shake the Baby that allowed players to silence a crying baby by shaking the device."

I used to have some respect for apple - up against microsoft... not anymore they are proving that they just care about the $$$

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