Thursday, April 2, 2009

Te Panui Runaka - why it's brilliant

Te Panui Runaka (TPR)
Where do I begin, there is so much I love about this publication.

The cover artwork - superb. Each time a new Ngai Tahu artist, each time a revelation - we have so much talent in our iwi.
The maori language - challenging and essential.
The photos throughout showing our people living their lives.
The information - layers of meaning that defy a single reading.
The reports from each runaka - it's just so important to keep the communication and knowledge flowing. I can't think of a single entity doing this job better than TPR.

Whew! the list goes on, the births, the successes, Ngai Tahu Fund projects, the message from the Kaiwhakahaere and finally my favorite - the image on the back cover, but what's this... arrrrg no photo on the back! Please bring it back.

Other ideas that could add value.

Could TPR be posted online within the TRONT website. Perhaps in some later development, all of the runaka could also be included as a hub or source of information. The info could be realtime and other modern communication tools could be added - such as the ability to post comments, video etc.

Obviously the budget is tight, perhaps a little more could be added due to the significance of TPR being one of the major communication mediums between 42,000 registered Ngai Tahu.

I'd like to be able to see the artwork and photos again and perhaps order a copy. Could a virtual gallery of Ngai Tahu artists be created (with an online shop). This would be a portal to the world.

If TPR had room, it would be great to read some poems or writing that Ngai Tahu are doing. Also longer tributes to people could be made. An area discussing whakapapa could be developed. An area discussing our heroes and their battles and marriages and legends.

But in the meantime thank you to all of the contributors and to the staff who pull it all together ever month. Your hard mahi and aroha to this task is appreciated.

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