Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good stuff by BB on Roarprawn

Busted Blonde over at Roarprawn has a couple of good posts on Ngai Tahu.

The first is about a potential battle between Ngai Tahu and the Government over the the effects of the emission trading scheme.

The second is about the Titi season, it is a worry that it's so bad but it is seasonal...

BB and I are at opposite sides of the political spectrum but I love that. I enjoy Roarprawn and recommend it highly. Kia kaha BB.


Anonymous said...

kia ora Marty

i am not only at the other end of the spectrum from BB i feel BB is like fox news via a blog. Issues are raised (i like that) but the negative is searched for and celebrated (i hate that).

The issues facing Ngai Tahu over the ETS not only affect the tribe (which is bad enough) but also the whanau who have SILNA lands and North Island iwi. It is all part of the same old story, whenever there is a chance that the Crown can stiff Maori they will find it.

Nick Smith reckons that the Crown was in the clear over this. Well as he was in cabinet at the time Nick S may think it is great idea to hide behind a report that was commissioned by the government (and guess what - so amazing it found the government was innocent).

The fact is the Crown sold Ngai Tahu and other Maori land at full market value as a part of a treaty settlement process and then changed the rules to take tens of millions of dollars of the value off those same lands.

Of course Ngai Tahu and other iwi should fight this. The NT settlement was worth less than .02 cents on the dollar. it adds insult to injury when the Crown deliberately and knowingly devalues settlement assets only a few years later.

the ETS scheme will also take heaps of money off the value of iwi fishing assets.

Again, someone on the BB site takes a swipe at Mark over this. If he did not stand up for us he would be denigrated as being weak and when he does he is characterised as being greedy.

the comments were so unnecessary and add nothing but are invited by the tone of the post.

Marty Mars said...

Good points anon.
I too, like the points being raised by BB. And I too find the comments made by right wing bigots/bloggers who aren't Ngai Tahu and know nothing, to be horrible. I think that BB's blog has given these racists a forum to comment on our stuff - when normally they wouldn't bother. Notwithstanding all that I think it is good that BB has her blog - it certainly gets me worked up sometimes!

The personal attacks on Mark are just a joke - and a bloody poor one too.

And yes the ETS and this battle is another example of the crown shafting maori... we will fight and we will win!