Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Whenua to whenua

I like this idea of creating a place where whenua (placenta) can be buried and a tree planted.

"A former Nelson midwife who could not bear to see placentas thrown out is the inspiration for a new dedicated placenta planting ground to be established in Nelson at the Centre of New Zealand."

"The NZ College of Midwives' Nelson-Marlborough chairperson Andrea Vincent had been instrumental in setting up the placenta burial garden, working with iwi and the Nelson City Council to establish it.

Ms Vincent said Ms Rowan's campaign to not throw away placentas was similar to the Maori custom of burying the placenta in a place of significance to their ancestors, as this reinforced the relationship between the newborn child and the land of their birth.

"Ms Vincent said the burial area at the Centre of New Zealand, which she thought was possibly the first designated burial ground for placentas on public land, would provide families with an opportunity to plant a tree over their child's placenta as a permanent reminder of the birth in a special Nelson place."

So all good. They have checked with local tangata whenua and worked with them and the local council. What a good way to create deeper understanding and a strong connection with this land AND plant some more trees.

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