Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Being Maori in business

Interesting focus for our Kaiwhakahaere as stated within his June report,

"Put simply, I am working on developing the ways that we can authentically and successfully be Māori within our commercial operations."

I'm looking forward to seeing what develops from this kaupapa. I hope (and are confident) that we won't just direct solutions into the money/finance/commercial world. Yes I know we have to be there, and I know the answer is to incorporate maoritanga with business, and I know that this is the mahi that is being put in.

But I also know we can get caught up in the money side of things too much and forget what the real issues are. For instance within this time of economic downturn what actually are the real issues? Is it continuation of profit? It is avoiding maori businesses going under? Is it development of recession proof maori businesses? Is it new markets, new potential clients, new potential offerings? Is it protection of maori jobs? Or maori families? Or maoritanga?

As stated:

"One of the key initiatives I am involved in is the Minister of Māori Affairs’ Taskforce on Māori Economic Development. This group is dedicated to three key objectives:

•Supporting iwi and Māori through the economic recession;
•Identifying longer term, strategic economic development opportunities for iwi and Māori; and
•Facilitating the use of kaupapa Māori values and ways to increase economic development and benefit sharing."

Lots of considerations. All the best for this mahi Mark.

As stated previously, I'd like to see Ngai Tahu give the same considerations to our iwi members. How about setting up our own taskforce? Big problem is by the time anything gets going the economic tsunami will have passed through... even if it lasts for 3 years.

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