Thursday, June 25, 2009

Community gardens growing in Catlins

I'm a big fan of community gardens. This initiative in the Catlins (where our family is from and my cousins still reside) is fantastic.

"Little green fingers in the Catlins are behind plans to establish a community garden in Owaka where residents will be able to grow and tend to their own crops.
Year 7 pupils at The Catlins Area School, with some help from teachers, have been beavering away behind the scenes for the community garden on an old tennis court between the school and Owaka Playcentre.

While still in its early stages, the plan has won over the Clutha District Council, which has approved a 10-year lease of the land at a peppercorn rental.

School science teacher Jane Young, in a letter to the council, said the garden would reflect the principles of sustainability and good organic gardening practice.

All ages, from preschoolers to the elderly, would be able to get involved, she said. "

Yes! Get people involved, engaged and connected. All ages, all ethnic backgrounds. The benefits are so numerous for the individuals, the community and this country.

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