Friday, June 12, 2009

Good way to develop community websites

Imagine this... an on-line cultural basket similar to Wikipedia, used to create online collections of images, audio, video and documents, which people can add to or comment on. The software to develop this is here and has been going for two years!

"Kete is open source software that you can use to create online areas for collaboration for your community. Write topics and upload images, audio, video, documents. Discuss them all. Link them together.

It's been called a "relational wiki" and " a mashup between content management and knowledge managment". It's a fun way to get things done.

The development of privacy options was funded and developed by Kete Taranaki Reo. They paved the way for shared and private baskets of knowledge within its website to revitalise the regional Maori dialect."

There seems to be a little bit happening with this within our rohe.

Nice! In previous posts I've discussed what Ngai Tahu could do

This software isn't the answer really, but if the will to upgrade our communications is there, than this software could be used to develop the site.

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