Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Protecting the environment for our children is more important than the rugby world cup!


The ODT has a good editorial on the Herewaka (Harbour Cone) issue.

"The probabiltiy that the Dunedin City Council will sell parts of Harbour Cone, the jewel it bought two years ago, should not surprise or upset.

The council, at a cost of $2.6 million, took the chance a year ago to put into public ownership a precious part of Otago Peninsula. At the time, it was made clear the council wanted to get much of its money back, and that approach remains today.

And this appears as the reasoning...

"In an unemotional and realistic way it must be prepared to restrict spending and garner income in every way possible to limit ballooning debt. Paying for water and sewage works and for the stadium means it must be miserly in many other areas."

So it is really a prioritisation issue. The stadium for the rugby world cup is more important than the protection of iconic landscapes. The big problem with that view is that the rugby world cup is at best temporary and fleeting, while the iconic landscape is permanent and enduring.

Will your children's children really thank you for building the stadium and selling off Herewaka? I don't think so!

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