Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lets work to our year not some imposed, artifical year

The best part of this idea about revamping magazines for maori is that they are doing to start at Matariki. Now that is the way to go, the maori way.

"On the eve of Matariki – the Maori New Year – TU MAI, the 10-year-old indigenous magazine, announces it will add a hard copy version of the recently launched online magazine KOHA to its pages.

“Matariki is traditionally about regrouping, and establishing new directions, so given the economic climate, the timing and fit is perfect,” says TU MAI publisher Ata Te Kanawa."

Another interesting aspect is that they are launching a hard copy version to go with their on-line version. For Te Karaka, I hope we develop and launch an on-line version to go with our existing hard-copy version.

This whole idea of working to the maori year is great. I suggested to OTRONT that many things could be changed to this year. For instance, Whai Rawa matched savings could be based on the maori year instead of the calendar year. This would help everyone: people putting money into Whai Rawa wouldn't have be stressed by having to find money at Christmas or before the holidays. Plus managing it internally would also save money for Whai Rawa - it can be expensive having staff work through Christmas and New Year processing applications and so on... anyway nothing was done.... yet....

Wouldn't it be nice to work to our year rather than some imposed fake year?

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