Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good solution for a polluted river


The Tukituki gets some support.

"Sewage that now pollutes the Tukituki River will soon be used to help grow new forests.

An $8 million-plus scheme will mean that from 2011 there should be no more effluent flowing into the scenic river from oxidation ponds at Waipukurau and Waipawa in Central Hawke's Bay.

Instead it will be piped to forests to be developed by Hawke's Bay Regional Council."

"Hawke's Bay Environmental Water Group spokesman Colin Crombie welcomed the announcement. "We applaud it hugely," he said.

Tamatea Taiwhenua chairman John Nepe-Apatu said Maori had been concerned for some time about sewage discharges into the river, so were very pleased that they would soon be stopped.

However, the Taiwhenua still had worries about similar pollution problems in some Tukituki tributaries, especially the Tukipo and the Maharakeke streams.

These waterways were particularly vulnerable to pollution from the Takapau township and farming and industries in the district, Mr Nepe-Apatu said."

Good thinking. Have posted about this here.

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