Saturday, June 20, 2009

Community spirit in Motueka

This is a good story about a community working together to protect and provide comfort for elders.

"Motueka's new, state-of-the-art community hospital will be opened tomorrow, ending a 16-year fight to retain a public hospital in the town.

The 45-bed hospital was constructed by the Friends of the Motueka Community Hospital Trust, which was formed in 1993 when the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board threatened to close the existing hospital.

The trust has spent the last 16 years raising funds, purchasing land and working towards the building of the Courtney St hospital, and it will finally realise its dream tomorrow.

The hospital will be used primarily for aged care, although it also has four beds for medical patients. Mr Inglis said the new hospital would be a big asset for the community because it "will keep the families together"."

Keeping families together with elders in our lives, that is worth working towards.

On a slightly different note I am not sure if I know of any name more abused than Motueka. Anyone who doesn't care pronounces it 'mot-chew-ay-car' when the actual pronunciation is closer to 'more-two-ear-ka'.

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