Monday, June 8, 2009

Pita - leave Billy T to the 80's

Okay, i've been pretty tolerant of the maori party and national get-together because I know that the maori party is working for maori. But this sort of news gets me a bit riled up!

"John Key received a standing ovation for an unremarkable speech yesterday at National's northern conference but the most spontaneous ovation has been for Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples who spoke on Friday night.
After a few Billy T James - style Maori fella jokes, Sharples spoke seriously about the relationship with National. He talked in general terms about the personal and political hurt the Orewa speech (former leader Don Brash did not arrive until today) on separatism caused and about the new leadership "showing us a better way."" (my emphasis)

Why pander to their racism Pita?
I've heard, over the years, a few people go down the "you fulla's... track." It's a joke and a poor taste one. You think you are connecting to them by speaking as you think they think you do. You don't, you just reinforce stereotypes and continue to make it look like maori are thick and stupid - "Look the brownies can't even speak english properly - gee they must be THICK."

Get on with the job Pita - there is plenty to do. Don't do the Billy T James line and act like some extra out of the black and white minstrals, don't pander to their racist stereotypes, don't sell your people or yourself out.
Good that you were there talking to the Nats, tho.

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