Monday, June 15, 2009

Saving the world starts with us


Bowl of Brooklands

Good on you George!

"Eighty-year-old George Fuller is launching a campaign to save a group of ancient New Plymouth's Bowl of Brooklands including a 400-year-old puriri at New Plymouth's Bowl of Brooklands."

"The council believes a new road is necessary to allow emergency vehicle access to the bowl since the existing one, built 30 years ago, is now blocked by stabling developments at the New Plymouth racecourse.

Mr Fuller said the road makes a mockery of New Plymouth's international environmental award for the coastal walkway and said the council should be "stripped of its laurels".

While Mayor Peter Tennent was adamant last week the planned road would not affect the puriri tree, Mr Fuller said his years of research showed the tree was an "enigma" with roots only in a 180 degree semi-circle above it and all in the path of the new road.

A council-appointed arborist had not noticed this."

Save the trees and save the world!

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