Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The mana is with Ngai Tahu

I believe in maori working together against the common enemies of oppression, colonisation and racism. Sometimes though, maori are in conflict between iwi. And at other times there is conflict within an iwi.

Working together doesn't mean compromising everything.

I am pleased to see that:

"Two iwi from the top of the South Island have withdrawn from a High Court hearing over disputed land awarded to Ngai Tahu."

"In court yesterday, the lawyer for Ngati Tama and Te Atiawa, Jamie Ferguson, said his clients believed the High Court was not an appropriate forum for Maori to resolve their differences. The parties should talk to each other to move forward amicably.

The move has left four iwi Ngati Apa, Ngati Rarua, Ngati Toa and Rangitane to continue the case."

"Stephen Kos, QC, for Ngai Tahu, told the court the 2008 tribunal was wrong to find in favour of the small iwi grouping because the Maori Appellate Court had emphatically ruled in favour of Ngai Tahu in 1990.

The Maori Appellate Court decision had subsequently been considered in the Privy Council twice: once in an appeal petition in 1991 and once on review in 2006. The petition was declined and the council upheld the Maori Appellate Court decision on review.

Against this background, Mr Kos said the tribunal, in its 2008 findings, should have considered itself bound by the Maori Appellate Court decision."

Everyone makes mistakes and these Te Tau Ihu iwi should accept their mistake and give up this court case. The mana is with Ngai Tahu. The borders will be protected strongly and are not going to change.

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