Thursday, June 4, 2009

Have you heard about reducing demand instead of stuffing up our rivers even more?

Long Valley Dredge - Teviot River.

Another electricity generation project in Te Wai Pounamu. This will be the SIXTH on this river!


"It's needed to keep up with the growth in the region." (my emphasis)

"Central Otago power company Pioneer Generation is building another hydro-electricity station on the Teviot River, to provide electricity for Alexandra and Roxburgh residents.

The Kowhai station should be operational by next May and generate a maximum of 1.9MW. It will be the company's sixth power station on the Teviot."

"The Kowhai station, named after trees in the area, received the appropriate planning consents from the Otago Regional Council and Central Otago District Council and was dealt with as a non-notified application. (my emphasis)

It is located 3.5km east of Roxburgh and will use water from the Marslin dam, taking the water, via a 1.3km pipeline, down a penstock to the generating station on the banks of the Teviot River.

The company owns and operates 12 power stations throughout Central Otago and Southland. The others on the Teviot, with the maximum generation output, are: Ellis (7.8MW), Horseshoe Bend (4.3MW), Michelle (1.6MW), George (1MW) and Teviot Bridge (1.1MW)."

and from Pioneer's website, under environment:

"We have also renewed existing consents for the Teviot, Fraser and Oxburn hydroelectric schemes with minimal fuss.

All the above consents have been granted without reference to the Environment Court. This is an acknowledgement of our inclusive consultation process with all concerned stakeholders and the ability to avoid, remedy or mitigate environmental impacts and concerns." (My emphasis)

Ummm perhaps the non-notification may have something to do with it?

Come here to read the history of Pioneer.

That history reads like the history of an open wound to me. Reduce our need for power, live within our means, protect our rivers and ecosystems... surely all of that is more important than whether "Alex" can have some more lights on at night.

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