Monday, June 29, 2009

Go round not through

I think we should build roads around Urupa rather than through them. That is why I agree with what they are doing up in Wairoa.

"Mahia's main road, Ormond Drive, was established in the 1960s but some sections are not located on a legal road reserve.

One section is located across land that is part of the Ruawharawhara urupa (cemetery), at the Opoutama end of the road.

In August 2007, Wairoa District Council came to agreement with Ruawharawhara urupa trustees to allow the road to be used until August 2009. After that, it was agreed the road would be removed."

Council engineering manager Neil Cook said work could now begin on a more detailed investigation into the two proposed routes.

"After taking into account the results of lengthy community consultation, a cultural audit and an archaeological survey, it was decided to go ahead with the investigation of these two new roading options.

"Each option is different, with its own set of positive and negative aspects.

"The important thing is that we fully investigate each one, with further public consultation as necessary, so that council has the knowledge on hand to make an informed final decision," he said."

Consultations, options, respect... jeepers it's sounding too good to be true.

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