Thursday, May 6, 2010

whanau ora lemonade

I am strangely pleased that the amount of funding for whanau ora is so low compared with what was expected. It is better to pilot this and iron out any areas that need it. That way will lead to better results. I believe in providing holistic help to whanau and families when they need it and I want whanau ora to deliver on its potential but i don't want it to lead to nepotism or jobs for the boys. This result is also good for the people who fear whanau ora to be the thin edge of the privatisation sword. It could very well be, we must be vigilant and keep a very close eye on the program. The modest funding will ensure a uncontrollable beast is not created. I still support this kaupapa because i believe that it doesn't matter what the neocons think they are trying to do, maori will morph the program into something that works for maori and for others.

From TRACY WATKINS - The Dominion Post
"The much-anticipated Whanau Ora programme has been scaled back to a $134 million programme over the next four years - well short of the $1 billion cost bandied around in its early stages.
There will be 20 Whanau Ora "providers" contracted in the first round and Mr Key said they would be held accountable for results.
Mrs Turia said the $134 million in funding over four years would enable Te Puni Kokiri, the Social Development Ministry and the Health Ministry working together to help families.
While the government shied away from labelling its initial investment a pilot programme, Mrs Turia confirmed that up to $20 million over four years would be spent researching, evaluating and monitoring the implementation and results.
This is a good approach because the only way to make it work it is to be flexible and adjust where necessary. You can only do that if you know what's going on.

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