Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The highest rate of native vegetation loss since European colonisation

We know that monoculture is dangerous. We know that growing cows where they aren't meant to be is silly and expensive and we know that for every lovely dairy farm they build - there is a massive loss in native habitat and ecosystems - we know this and now it has been confirmed.

From Stuff
"Intensive farming is destroying native plants at the fastest rate since European colonisation, Landcare Research says.
"Analysis ... confirms that agricultural intensification over the past 10 years has led to the highest rate of native vegetation loss since European colonisation," the Crown research institute's report said.

The highest rate of native vegetation loss since European colonisation - that is the truth and it is hard to swallow. We are worse now than we have ever been - not better.
"Landcare ecologist Bill Lee said moves to intensive farming practices over the past decade had "dramatically" wiped out native plants and animals."
"The Canterbury Plains have probably suffered the highest level of biodiversity loss of any ecological region in New Zealand."
He said biodiversity losses included shrubs, herbs, lizards and large invertebrates.
Fish species had suffered from pollution and loss of habitat from water extraction.
Once it's gone - it can't come back... when you're out of the blue and into the black.
"Labour has renewed its call for a halt to tenure review on the South Island's lakeside properties."

I agree with looking into tenure review - there is something really wrong with that approach but labour were fended off successfully by Nick Smith when he said
"The irony of Labour and the Greens criticising biodiversity loss from this report is that they were in government for nine of the last 10 years that it refers to,"

That is smiths answer - do nothing and blame everyone else.

I well remember being in Otautahi, just out of town and looking around and noticing that every single plant and animal I could see was introduced - not a native. And that is our shame that we have wanted this country to be so different to what it is that we are willing to just cut and paste the introduced for the native.

It is not right and it must stop.

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Steve Julian said...

Although farming brings food, there is also the destruction that large scale farming and other agriculture activity does to the land.