Tuesday, May 4, 2010

brownlee struggling and out of his depth

I am a little boy out of my depth

The Council of Trade Unions have publically stated their opposition to mining schedule 4 conservation land.

From Yahoo
"CTU president Helen Kelly said the mineral value of Schedule 4 land had been exaggerated and it did not outweigh the potential damage to other industries and the environment.
Also, most mining industry operators were internationally owned so many of the benefits would "immediately flow overseas".
"Any move to alter the status of Schedule 4 areas would be unwelcome and against the wider interests of the country," Ms Kelly said.
This was a 'bit of a surprise' for gerry - typically lazy and useless

"Mr Brownlee said while their comments were predictable it was still a surprise that they would oppose mines their members could work in.
"They don't like the Schedule 4 stuff but they support mining in general."
gerry it is not that hard to follow - even someone as challenged as you should be able to grasp it.
"I think people are just reacting to what they understand the proposal to be. It is in fact a very very moderate and modest proposal to enable further exploration in those areas, it's not a commitment to mining in those areas, although we do want the mining sector in general to grow," Mr Brownlee told reporters.
"I don't want to be disrespecting about the position they're taking. We've said we're going into a consultation process, clearly the march forms part of that public expression."
You are twisted brownlee - the 'stocktake' bullshit just doesn't fly - it is not modest or moderate when you initially wanted to put 90% of Rakiura National Park into mining. Your so called consultation is just a joke - guess what - we don't care about your consultation process - we are saying no and No again and thrice NO!!!

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