Friday, May 21, 2010

budget view

One thing i noticed about the budget coverage was that john key was polished and professional. On TV1 he really was so relaxed and comfortable - like a man without too many problems, like a man whose plan had worked.

And labour fell into the trap. Labours line that this is the budget for the few was blown out the water by the announcments. All week we had goff and co telling us how the rich were going to get richer and that key and english were looking after their rich mates - that is all true but the public perception after this budget will be that labour were scaremongering, panicing, loose cannons and just trying to score political points. That is the dark art of managing public perception. Lower expectations and then beat them. Labour helped lower them and the gnats have reaped the rewards. I am not sure what else goff could have done - he really is out of his league with key.

So on close up we had the shock of hearing that all of the commenters liked the budget and no one was anti - where was goff? Why wasn't he on to counter the gnats? - because no one cares what he says, least of all the broadcasters.

The left need champions to fight the right. We need a leader, we need some inspiration because unless we focus the energy on OPPOSING we will get a few more years of Dim.B. Key

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