Monday, May 17, 2010

Te Kohanga o Kaikai-a-Waro is wahi tapu

Awesome news about the rediscovery of this ancient pa site. It is sacred and deserved protection.
From The Press
"A Maori pa discovered in a North Canterbury township is being considered for wahi tapu (sacred site) status by the New Zealand Historic Places Trust.
The pa, named Te Kohanga o Kaikai-a-Waro after a historical name for the area, was uncovered during earthworks at the Pegasus Town subdivision in 2007.
Pegasus Town cultural adviser Te Marino Lenihan, who liaised with the property developers, Ngai Tahu iwi and Ngai Tuahuriri hapu regarding the site, said the pa was an important part of New Zealand's heritage.
Lenihan said the pa was believed to be at least 500 years old, which was "well before" their Ngai Tahu ancestors arrived in the region.
It is not by chance that our past is being revealed - it is all around us, it is everywhere. 

Many times when they disturb paptuanuku, they find remnants of older times. We must treat these taonga as sacred and preserve them and learn from them.

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