Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ngapuhi begins to present it's case to the Waitangi tribunal

This countries largest tribe Ngapuhi is presenting it's case to the Waitangi tribunal. They have a very strong case and I wish them well.

From NZH
"... the idea that its chiefs surrendered their mana to Queen Victoria defies belief, the Waitangi Tribunal was told yesterday.
Northern leader Erima Henare said chiefs rose to power through merit by proving themselves in war. Every single one present in 1840 at the signing of the Treaty was a battle-hardened warrior.
Each would have been clear that under the treaty - which was explained to them by missionaries - their tino rangatiratanga, chieftainship, was guaranteed to them under article two of the treaty.
"To suggest then, that men from that cultural milieu would, or could, surrender their personal and hapu sovereignty without a fight is again absurd.
"Every rangatira present would have not merely been offended by unjustified suggestions for them to surrender sovereignty, but would have been outraged and would have acted accordingly."
Ejection from the country or worse would have followed, he said. "The fact that Te Tiriti was signed and that the foreigners were not annihilated is the best evidence that no demand to cede sovereignty was made."
That is such a great point that is hardly ever raised. Mana was/is everything and many maori were killed all around this country when someone's mana was attacked or reduced. To think that maori would have laid down their mana is nonsense and stupid - it actually does defy belief.

So what happened - try lies, deceit, misinformation, abuse, and a bit more lying.

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