Thursday, May 27, 2010


I think this is a good call by Metiria - it is naive for iwi groups to support private management of prisons. The multi-national companies don't care about prisioners or maori - they care about profit. Iwi groups working for profit off the prison system, when 50% of male and 60% of female prisioners are maori, is wrong.

From RadioNZ
"Waatea News reports iwi including Tainui, Ngati Whatua and Nga Puhi have investigated possible joint ventures with private prison operators in line with a Government move to open the sector to competition.
Ms Turei says the multi-national companies likely to win such contracts are driven solely by profit, and it's foolish to think they share the Maori interest in rehabilitation.
"These corporations don't care for us. They just want to make a buck," she said.
Exactly! I do not believe that prisons should be run for profit. Don't get sucked in iwi groups and please don't go there.

Idiot/Savant has a good post on the news that the disgraceful 3-strikes legislation is now law - this law is terrible. It will mean more prisioners and more maori in prison. It is so futile to just get people out of societies face, pretend there is no problem, lock them up, punish them - can people not see that that does nothing to fix the problem.

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