Friday, May 7, 2010

release the report

Our coastlines are very important to us.

We have some very real challenges facing our coastlines so why is the government choosing not to release a report into coastlines? Who would know... waiting for the F&S repeal? Waiting on the mining debate? Waiting on people to be looking in another direction? Forest and Bird are putting the pressure on.

From Scoop
One of the report’s authors, Philip Woollaston, today publicly released the statement because of his anger at the Government’s refusal to release it.
"Forest & Bird calls on the Minister of Conservation to better protect New Zealand’s coastline by following up on a report the Government refuses to release."
Forest & Bird North Island Conservation Manager Mark Bellingham says “The Government is not properly managing coastal planning. We need the Department of Conservation and local government to be more active in taking care of our coastlines,”
“Poor coastal planning is about to drive the New Zealand fairy tern in Auckland and Northland to extinction as coastal developments encroach on this bird’s last few breeding sites.
“On the Hauraki Plains, nutrients from dairy farming are threatening to unleash a major algal bloom on to the Firth of Thames, the Miranda bird coast and aquaculture areas.
“This report recognises the threats to coastal landscapes and biodiversity. It offers solutions to water pollution from the land affecting coastal areas, and encourages a bigger role for iwi and hapu in coastal planning and management. Forest & Bird wants to see it put into action.”
As would I.

All terns are such wonderful birds - amazing flyers, sleek and swift, long wings and tail, also known as sea swallows  - just beautiful - one of my favorite birds - the white-fronted tern's also known as tara, are more viewable than the fairy tern (tara-iti). Release the report and let's get on with protecting and strengthening the inhabitants and ecosystem of our coastlines.

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