Thursday, May 6, 2010

Toi Moko coming home

The return of Toi Moko from France is a good decision. Thank you to all concerned. All of our people should be bought home.

From NZH
"The French National Assembly decided to adopt a law so toi moko (mummified Maori heads) held in French institutions can be returned to New Zealand.
Since 2003, New Zealand has sought to repatriate Toi Moko and koiwi tangata Maori (Maori ancestral remains) from museums around the world.
Toi moko and koiwi tangata form part of some museum collections of Pacific artefacts dating from the 19th century. Almost 40 institutions worldwide have collaborated in similar repatriations so far.
"This is a matter of great significance to Maori," said Dr Sharples. "Maori believe that, through their ancestors' return to their original homeland, their dignity is restored, and they can be put to rest in peace among their families."
Toi moko and koiwi tangata are repatriated to Te Papa on an interim basis, and Te Papa works closely with iwi to determine their attributed place of origin, for eventual burial where possible on ancestral lands.
This is the way to do it, well done to Te Papa.

My only concern around this issue is that everytime there is a TV item on this, they show the Toi Moko - this seems very disrespectful to me.

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