Thursday, May 13, 2010

collectivist wealth creation for maori

Sometimes we cannot see the woods for the trees. We are caught up in our world and it seems like our world is the only world - but it isn't. The capatilist mode of creating wealth seems like the only way to go - but is it? Are their alternatives and how could they relate to righting the injustices facing Tuhoe and maori in general.

Maps has written on this subject in this post entitled The 'First White Marxists' reach Tuhoe Country and, as usual his analysis is thought-provoking, very high quality and actually makes sense. Reading the Maps is my favorite blog. The comments are also outstanding.

Teaser from the conclusion
"There is no reason why Tuhoe could not retain returned land and resources in collective ownership and develop their land and resources for the benefit of the whole iwi. There are already examples of iwi who are opting for the collectivist 'Polynesian mode of production' model of development over the 'corporate' model."
I really recommend a visit to Reading the Maps.

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