Wednesday, May 26, 2010

last day for mining submissions

Wow 35,000 submissions on mining schedule 4 conservation land so far - and i'd imagine most are against this stupid idea.

From Stuff
"Prime Minister John Key said yesterday the Government would "reflect on what we've learnt" after submissions closed at 5pm today."
Lesson number one - don't treat people like idiots. The lies and disinformation around the 'benefits' of mining have been laid on thick but the truth is winning.
"Mr Key said the Government would go away and consider its position, "then reflect on what we've learnt and what the next step is".
"We are going to carefully consider what's in those submissions, carefully consider the public reaction and try and map out the next step," he said."
Try to map out the next step - but are you going to actually listen key? Or are you going to continue with your plans but just wiggle around to try and get it through?

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