Tuesday, May 25, 2010

mother for sale

I've blogged about the crafars a few times now - from their animal abuse and constant infractions against the law, whether due to incompetance or plain cruelty. One thing I am sure about is that their farms should NOT be sold to overseas interests. The chinese are concerned that they may not get permission to buy the farms and their representative has blown a fuse.

From Stuff
"The company’s vice chairman, Graham Chin asked whether New Zealand wanted Natural Dairy to take its "huge investment in New Zealand factories and milk exports across the Tasman to Australia or to South America."

Natural Dairy (NZ) Holding Ltd’s used to be known as China Jin Hui Mining Corporation - that should tell you what their attitude to natural resources is. We don't need to sell to these overseas interests - it is not in our best interest. Give the stolen land back to maori if you want to do something with it.

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