Thursday, May 27, 2010

con-promise not compromise

So the mining company says let's compromise - let's not make any changes on schedule 4 conservation land before we have done some very small exploritory holes to determine if there is any minerals, like coal and gold, that we might want to dig up. Then, once we have have determined that there is something to dig, then we can have the debate on that particular bit of the schedule 4 conservation estate. This is practical and efficient - only one problem really - it is mental and it isn't a compromise at all.

We don't want ANY schedule 4 conservation land dug up - get it - NONE! - ZERO! - and all the bogus arguments about wealth creation and jobs are all lies. It is all illusion and made up and many people know it too which is why so many have marched and written submissions.

From Radio NZ
"In its submission, Newmont Waihi Gold which mines in Coromandel, has called on the Government to wait for more specific information on the most promising mineral deposits before removing any protections.
But the company says the rules would need to be changed to allow more exploratory drilling."
Big gerry didn't like that
"Mr Brownlee says Newmont has most of the mining rights for Schedule Four land on the Coromandel Peninsula, so it must not want any competition.
He says he assumes Newmont will relinquish all its mining permits in Coromandel when they expire in June."
Yes we all assume that gerry.
"Newmont says its proposal is a challenge to all sides of the debate."

Well I don't think so because it is not an idea with much merit. What actually is the compromise? That the mining company are only going to dig small exploritory holes - they will do that anyway. This compromise is all one way - what are the mining companies compromising? Nothing in my view - just another smokescreen to muddy the waters (to mix my metaphors).


Anonymous said...

It's telling that Jerry Brownlee says Newport has most of the mining rights for Schedule 4 land on the Coromandel Peninsula. When did they acquire these rights? Who are the rights registered with? Was their a resource consent process? I thought this was all just an 'idea' at this stage and the Government hasn't made a decision (yeah right. Has Jerry chosen his words badly or does he in fact mean that Newport already has most of the mining rights on the Coromandel Peninsula?

Marty Mars said...

Yes anon i think gerry may have said too much in the heat of irritation - he's not a great thinker on his feet methinks.