Monday, May 10, 2010

rugby shame shame shame

Imagine you have worked your guts out to make the team – the all blacks, to be considered a hero, to be accepted by all who own everything and have all the power. You have accepted that sport is the great equaliser, that sport makes you feel accepted in this country of your ancestors. And then they say you can’t go, you aren’t white, you are maori and you think about the land and your whanau and your mates at the club and the little boys that come up and want to just be near you, and you think about the farm and your kids and you drop your head and walk on.

A lot of apologies are needed.

Equality for all.
Freedom for all.
Respect for all.

From Stuff
"South Africa's sport and recreation minister, Rev Makhenkesi Arnold Stofile, has officially apologised to Maori players left out of All Blacks tours to the republic in 1928, 1949 and 1960 because of their race.
Stofile also praises the Kiwi "heroes and heroines" who put their bodies on the line in the bloody protests against the 1981 Springbok tour.
NZRU said no comment - as usual they are as, if not more, guilty that SARU. That world cup is coming so I'd advise you to sort out your skeletons NZRU. I have to say that I have no time for rugby - the '84 tour was when we parted company and bugger all has changed since then.

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