Tuesday, February 2, 2010

let's reuse more

I like this idea because i don't think we reuse things enough. No doubt we can blame the consumerist society but WE are buying, and WE throw it away.

From Stuff
"The Waitaki Resource Exchange is intended to divert industrial by-products, surplus materials and waste away from the district's landfills, which are forced to swallow ever more material.
The programme, to be launched on February 9, is aimed at encouraging Waitaki district businesses, not-for-profit organisations, schools and other groups to look at their waste as a resource that others may be able to use rather than as something to dump.
Resource exchange co-ordinator Maxine Woodhouse said the exchange was like a free "match-making service" that would list resources available for use.
"We want to create lasting networks between those with excess resources and those seeking them, extending the life of usable materials and keeping them out of the landfill," Waitaki Resource Recovery Trust manager Marion Shore said.
'Lasting networks'... 'waste as a resource'... 'extending the life of usable materials'... these objectives are becoming more and more important as depletion of our worlds resources continues. WE need to change our habits and our mentality and really reduce the amount we throw away - what is left from xmas for instance? - and reuse more. Reusing also helps create communities because of the interaction between people.

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