Monday, February 15, 2010

keep walking hanson

news that hatemonger pauline hanson is going to spend a few months in Te Wai Pounamu on her way to emigrating to the UK for good, is good for aussie, and bad for us. Bad because she may like it here - cuddling up to our racists.

from stuff
"The Australian who launched a political career on an anti-immigration platform is set to become an immigrant herself - after a few months in New Zealand.
Only days after declaring she was finished with politics, the former One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has revealed plans to sell her Queensland property and resettle in Britain, potentially for good.
The 55-year-old said she would spend a few months in the South Island and eventually relocate to Britain.
Take your racist divisive hate and keep walking - don't sully this country, we already have enough problems with our race relations. We don't want or need your money, attitude or presence - just don't get off the plane.

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Anonymous said...

Go Marty.

I met the woman and she is just as vile as the words that have come out of her mouth.

I say stay away also.