Monday, February 8, 2010

john minto is right

John Minto is right.

From his blog
"The next time Sheppard drives from Auckland to Hamilton through the best agricultural land in the world I hope he gives a thought that all the land he sees was confiscated from Tainui because they had the temerity to fight a defensive war for their land against an invasion by colonial soldiers. Sheppard would call the miserly $170 million paid to Tainui in compensation a handout. I'd call it a ripoff."
and this is sheppards post that caused the response
"Look, nothing changes, our forebears gave them lollies in the 1820s, guns and booze, and it surely killed them off in droves. Copious volumes of cash that will cause social divisions among their people will surely do the same over time."
Read the comments on both posts to see what the challenge is in this country. We have a long long way to go but we are going don't worry about that.

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