Thursday, February 11, 2010

waka revealed

This is awesome news that a waka has been revealed at Muriwai Beach, recovered and the authorities are now in consultation with tangata whenua.

From stuff
"A full-length Maori waka was unearthed at Muriwai Beach after a member of the public spotted it sticking out from the sand.
Although the waka has parts of its sides missing, it can potentially be preserved through treatment.
Conserving the waka is the first priority and its future will be decided after consultation with local iwi."
I lived in muriwai for a few years and it is a beautiful area. We had kauri trees on the property, often visited the Takapu (gannets) and the beach is amazing - lots of happy memories for me around muriwai. My dog (newf) died there too - 10 years later i still have his ashes - I'm a big sook really.

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